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Chocolate & Me

From Chocolate Lover to Chocolate Crafter

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Once upon the time ..

       In a tiny village of Thailand lived a joyful little girl named Matchima. Her days were usually spent indulging in her favorite book. One afternoon, her father brought home; a luscious chocolate bar that, little did she know, would change her life forever.

      With just one bite, her eyes glistened with delight. Then and there was the beginning of her lifelong love for chocolate that would fuel her to continue exploring its enchanting world.


      For her, each chocolate had its magic in telling different unique story; from the origin of the beans, the delicate processes, the special ingredients, the people behind each and every chapter … to the smile on the faces of everyone who tasted this edible happiness.

       One day, she decided to share this passion with the world by bringing into life, the amazing stories of chocolate.

       She traveled near and far to many provinces in Thailand with the determination to find the best cacao beans in which she then crafted them into scrumptious chocolate bars. And step by step, the flavor slowly developed, just like a good story line!

       There would be a smooth ride, a journey with bumpy roads, or even a sweet but slightly sour moment. But here, let me tell you a secret …

  Matchima’s chocolate always has the best ‘Happy Ending’

Trees Story


Three months ago, we decided to grow our own Cacao trees.


Planted in two different locations;

one in a small province, South of Thailand, called Songkhla, another in a province, West of Thailand, next to the border of Myanmar called Kanchanaburi.


Growing these magical beans is such a big and exciting chapter! Too bad these trees don’t grow overnight like the magic bean in Jack and the Beanstalk story.


But surely after three fruitful years, be prepared to enjoy more wonderful story…

From our own beans to Matchima’s chocolate bar.

Tree Story

The Beans


We believe that chocolate sparks joy and happiness!


Not only to the people who eat it, but also to everyone involved in the processes, especially the farmer.


       We traveled near and far to many provinces in Thailand in search of the best cacao beans, allowing us to purchase our beans directly from the farmers at a premium, higher than the commodity market and Fair Trade price.


Working closely with the farmers, we had the privilege to learn about the story behind the beans of how and why each had its own distinctive aroma and taste. This had inspired us to make chocolate…


chocolate that is able to tell its unique story.

The Beans
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