Craft Chocolate

Craft Chocolate Bars

We believe each chocolate bar has its magic in telling different unique story...


The Candied Egg


40% Milk Chocolate

Candied Egg

Single Origin: Chanthaburi

260฿ / BAR

 A story of a glorious 
transformation of a simple ingredient like an Egg to golden candied egg yolk 
that blend perfectly with our milk chocolate

Fruit Parade.jpg

The Fruit Parade

65% Dark Chocolate

Pineapple & Banana

Single Origin: Chanthaburi

260฿ / BAR

A story of sweet and sour romance, set in the deep tropical area of Thailand.

Nonna's Cookies.jpg

Nonna's Cookies

38% Milk Chocolate

Paste di Meliga

Single Origin: Chanthaburi

260฿ / BAR

A story from Northern Italy  where Matchima first tasted  these rustic cookies.

DIamond of the forest.jpg

Diamond of the Forest

45% Milk Chocolate

Black & White Truffle

Single Origin: Nakhon Si Thmmarat

300฿ / BAR

An adventure in the forest of Croatia  to find the rumored Diamond of the forest, the Truffle!

Rise and Shine.jpg

Rice and Shine


55% Dark Milk Chocolate

Khao Khua

Single Origin: Chanthaburi

260฿ / BAR

A story toasted sticky rice, a staple ingredient with exotic aroma which can only be found in Thailand.



Chocolate Cashew Cream

70% Dark Chocolate

Cashew Nuts

Single Origin: Chanthaburi

270฿ / BOTTLE

Grab your spoon, dip it in, spread it on bread, over pancake, on top of ice cream or simply eat it our of the jar. Anything at all. It's magic!


For You Gift Box Set

A special gift for the special one.

3 Bars of our signature craft chocolate, each with its own unique flavor and story.

800฿ / BOX

- The Fruit Parade -

- Nonna's Cookies -

- Diamond of the Forest -

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Bronze 2020 Large (1).png